I Was Wrong About The iPhone XR!

Simple Alpaca
3 min readNov 5, 2021

Welcome back everyone, there was a specific iPhone not too long ago that I kind of bashed before it came out, now, I do bash pretty much every iPhone that has ever come out and to some extent no iPhone is perfect and even this iPhone wasn’t perfect, but to the extent where I actually thought it was not a good phone, I actually genuinely thought it was a horrible device. Now, I love this phone, I think it’s a great iPhone, and I think it’s perfect in so many different ways, even now that Apple stopped selling it. When this iPhone first came out, there was such a humongous shift in my opinion from what I thought Apple was going to be doing to what Apple actually did, since this phone has come out, we’ve pretty much gotten used to the design, the display, everything like that. Rewinding back to 2017, Apple went ahead and actually had an iPhone like an iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 that had LCD panels, but then they released the iPhone X which was the future of iPhones, then the year after they actually went ahead and pretty much dropped support of the iPhone X and gave us the iPhone XR.

Now, the issue was going from an iPhone X to an iPhone XR you were pretty much losing a camera, so it had a single-camera setup, it had an LCD panel, but on top of that, it was a lower resolution panel than a lot of other devices that came out at that time. To give you some perspective, the Galaxy s9 came out that year, and those things had beautiful OLED displays, granite the XS and XS Max also came out at the same time, but for 750 dollars, that was a pretty expensive price to pay for a device like that. Now, that was kind of where my head was, on top of that, it wasn’t as powerful as the iPhone XS, it had a GB less of ram, which was kind of annoying. Interestingly enough, after getting that phone in the house and testing it, I honestly completely changed my opinion on that device.

At that time, I thought it was a complete waste of money, but since then, we’ve gotten it in-house, and it’s been a great device and I actually bought…