Samsung Galaxy S9 In LATE 2021! (Review)

Simple Alpaca
3 min readDec 1, 2021

Welcome back everyone, the Samsung Galaxy s9 came out a couple of years ago, so let’s see how this phone holds up in late 2021! To be honest, it really is one of my favorite Android phones of all time, but this signified one of the last changes from the Galaxy lineup as we knew it, the Galaxy S9 to the Galaxy S10. When you look at the front of this phone, the curved angle, the top /bottom bezel isn’t really that crazy, and the display still looks very good as well!

You also have a MicroSD card slot, and a headphone jack as well on this device, that’s crazy! On the back, we do have the glass back, which still looks very good, fingerprint sensor right here, and this single-camera setup as well:

Now, the camera wasn’t a bad thing, you could do 4k video on it, even the front camera wasn’t super bad, but since the Samsung Galaxy S10 was such a big update, it really made the Samsung Galaxy S9 seem a bit outdated already. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera was a fairly decent camera, and it still holds up somewhat well in late 2021.

This thing is also outdated with software, but I am glad it got One UI 2, that really helped smoothen out the software coming from One UI 1. On top of this, performance-wise this thing is a little bit different, it had that Qualcomm snapdragon 845 chipsets with four gigabytes of ram, and I definitely do think this is one of its biggest highlights, it wasn’t a big difference from the Galaxy s8 to be completely honest, but at least it was a fairly fast device for sure.

Without a doubt, I loved the Samsung Galaxy S9, and it still somewhat holds up in the later part of 2021, what do you…