The BEST Way To Customize Your iPhone

Simple Alpaca
4 min readDec 1, 2021

Welcome back everyone, I want to showcase some of the best ways to customize your iPhone! Now, there are 2 different main apps you need to use to do this, these apps are WidgetSmith and SiriShortcuts, here are some links to those apps:

Widgetsmith will help us create those beautiful widgets, so let’s build one out! Start off by opening up Widgetsmith, you’ll come into this page:

We want to create a new widget, so choose whatever size you want, in this case, I chose medium:

At this point, you can simply just edit the widget as you see fit, I chose to do a photo widget, but you can modify it however you want to, at the end of it, you just want to save this widget:

Once saved, you just want to add a new widget on your home screen page and choose the widgetsmith app, you can then choose the specific widget you just made, and voila! You now have put a custom widget on your iPhone!

Next up, we can actually edit the App icons as well! To do this, you want to find some nice icon packs, you can Google “aesthetic app icons” and just download some images from there. Once you have…

Simple Alpaca