The iPhone 14 Notch

Simple Alpaca
2 min readJan 13, 2022

Welcome back everyone, I wanted to give a quick little breakdown of what the newer notch on the iPhone 14 could look like, now, the notch on the newer iPhone 14 could be a hole punch display like this:

Now, let’s compare this size against the iPhone 13:

You can see what the iPhone 13 could potentially be bringing, there is alot less bezel on the iPhone 14 than the iPhone 13! However, what is Apple going to do with that extra space, when you look at the iPhone 13 notch, there wasn’t really much Apple did new, even though the bezel was thinner than the iPhone 12’s notch

On top of that, I don’t know if this is going to relate to split screen multitasking, but I think by us having this notch removed, maybe they can add some toggles up here for some extra functionality. Overall, if the iPhone 14 notch is a pill shaped notch like this, i’m curious to see what Apple does with the extra space, what do you think?

That’s pretty much it! if you guys have any other questions let me know in the comment section as well, more important than everything else I love every single one of you, hopefully, I’ll catch you in the next article!

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