Weird iPhone 13 Problem!

Simple Alpaca
3 min readOct 14, 2021

Well everyone, we have another slight iPhone 13 problem, the more I do comparisons the more little tiny things I find out, and I don’t know if this is an iOS 15 problem, but I just don’t think that would 100% be the case. So, yesterday I actually did a download speed comparison between my iPhone 12 and my iPhone 13, so literally, all I did was I went to the app stores of both phones, and I pretty much just went ahead and downloaded some games that I already had. Now, some prerequisites: I made sure nothing was loading in the background, no apps reloaded in the background, on top of that, they were connected to the same exact WIFI (neither of them had sim cards in them, so they weren’t connected to cell service or anything like that), and I just went ahead and started downloading some apps between them, and I was expecting the iPhone 13 to be better, but that actually didn’t end up being the case!

The iPhone 13 download speeds in that specific test were extremely slow, and I don’t know what was causing this issue, I don’t think it’s a hardware defect, if anything I think it’s more so of a software defect in this specific situation. So, today I went ahead and I did the same exact test and I moved closer to the router, and that was pretty much the same exact case, it was a little bit faster than yesterday, but it was still pretty much the same exact thing, the iPhone 12 is still beating the iPhone 13 in terms of download speeds. So, that begs the question, why is this happening? They’re both on the same version of the software, I don’t really see how this could possibly be the case, and after further looking into it I just don’t think it’s a hardware defect, which is good, I just don’t think there’s some huge issue within the iPhone 13 series that Apple is going to have to fix.

Personally, I think this issue is extremely temporary, I think by the time the next version of iOS, so 15.0.3 or 15.1, Apple may end up fixing the issue. Do keep in mind, this was a small test I did, but from the looks of it, it does seem to be an…