What Happened To The iPhone 9?

Simple Alpaca
3 min readNov 21, 2021

So, a question that I saw all the time is “what happened to the iPhone 9?”, now, there’s a couple of different ways to go about looking at it, first of all, in my head at that time I really do think that Apple was really trying to switch away from the numerical name of their specific devices, I think they really wanted to go away from the numbers and go to letters, obviously that was wrong, but that may have been what they were trying to do. Now, another thing that recently happened about a year ago was that there were some rumors saying that the iPhone SE 2, which eventually came out, was going to be called the iPhone 9, this is what made the most sense to me, but it obviously didn’t make the most sense to Apple.

However, the answer may be more apparent, the iPhone X was actually released on the 10th anniversary of the iPhones, 2017 was the year the iPhone X came out, and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus came out as well, but this was also, the same year that the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone came out. At that time, I’m sure they wanted to do something big for that year, and this was probably the smartest thing Apple ever did in their whole entire lineup for iPhones, we got that newer design which pretty much changed iPhones forever. So, they restructured their devices, they restructured the pricing, and they took the iPhone into a new landscape in my opinion.

Overall, we will probably never see an iPhone 9, but it kind of makes sense as to why we never saw it, what do you think?

That’s pretty much it! if you guys have any other questions let me know in the comment section as well, more important than everything else I love every single one of you, hopefully, I’ll catch you in the next article!

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