Worst Things To Do To Your iPhone

Simple Alpaca
3 min readSep 21, 2021

Well everyone, for all of you iPhone users out there, I can definitely tell you there are some common things that a lot of people do, that could potentially be some of the worst things you could ever do to your specific iPhone, what does this mean? Essentially, there are a couple of things that I’ve seen that a lot of people do that they really shouldn’t be doing. Starting off, the number one thing I would recommend people to avoid on your iPhone, and I’m guilty of doing this too, is pretty much leaving your iPhone in the heat or overheating your iPhone. Now, you might be asking yourself “I don’t leave my phone in the heat, it’s not like I’m baking my phone outside, or leaving it in the oven”, but that’s not how these things go, typically when you have an iPhone like this, things overheat in general, if you’re playing super intensive games, if you’re doing a bunch of crazy stuff on it, it can definitely overheat your iPhone, but it is something to keep in mind, because if you’re iPhone is constantly overheating, this can cause massive issues to the battery/internals of your iPhone.

The next thing, without a doubt, is one of those things that I see people do all the time, it’s basically staying on very outdated software. Now, if you have an iPhone, you know your device will get many software updates throughout its lifespan, this is a good thing, right? It depends, if you’re on one of the more recent versions of software, you should be fine, but if you’re on an extremely outdated version of the software, this can be a problem. In my opinion, I would recommend you to be on one of the most recent versions of the software, maybe not the most recent one, but one of the more recent ones.

The last little thing, essentially not having a backup of your iPhone or not backing up your files that are on your iPhone. Now, this is not an iPhone-specific thing, this can really go for any device, but I would highly recommend you guys to backup your iPhones as often as possible. Well, those are some of the worst things you…